Our Experts

  • Peter Fuentes-Afflick
  • Damon Vaudrin
  • Dr. Richard Cherpeck, PhD

Peter Fuentes-Afflick

Senior Fuels Engineer

“The development of Techron makes a difference.”

Damon Vaudrin

Fuel Additive Research Engineer

“Wherever the engine technology goes for

the future, Techron will go there too.”

Dr. Richard Cherpeck, PhD

Molecular Mechanisms & Design Chemist

“The patents we've attained prove that

Techron is totally unique”

Peter is an expert in fuels and lubricants additive research and led the technical teams responsible for the development of Techron®. Peter joined Chevron in 1988 after receiving his master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan. Prior to beginning his career at Chevron, he worked for GM’s Electro-Motive Division, designing diesel engines for locomotives. Today, his research focuses on Chevron's global line of gasoline products.

Damon developed a line of fuel additive products that are among the most effective at solving drivability and engine deposit related problems. He joined Chevron in 1989 after serving as a construction equipment mechanic with the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion. Damon has degrees in Diesel and Automotive Technology from Wyoming Technical Institute and holds certifications in Automotive, Master Heavy Duty Truck and Advance Engine Performance from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Today he is a Chevron project leader working on formulations, engine testing and product performance verification.

Rich has developed eight breakthrough commercial chemicals, including components of Techron formulations. A Chevron Chairman's Award recipient, he has been awarded 90 patents and has six journal publications. Rich joined Chevron in 1980 after receiving his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. Today he works at Chevron as a Fuel Additive and Antioxidant Consulting Scientist. Rich is an advisory board member for The Center for Enabling New Technologies Through Catalysis, a National Science Foundation Center for Chemical Innovation.